1 Person Dead and 5 Wounded After Shooting on Los Angeles Greyhound Bound For San Francisco

Los Angeles, CA—A man is in custody today after a shooting on a Greyhound bus this morning left a 51-year-old Columbian woman dead and five others wounded.

The shooting occurred before 1:30 a.m Monday morning, on a Greyhound bus bound for San Francisco from Los Angeles.

Two men and three women were also wounded in the shooting. According to reports, passengers were able to disarm the shooter, who got off the bus when the driver pulled over.

“After the shooting, “the driver immediately pulled to the right shoulder, and the suspect voluntarily got off the bus, leaving his handgun behind,” CHP Sgt. Brian Pennings said. Pennings identified the gun left behind as a Century Arms semi-automatic 9MM black pistol and said the suspect also left behind several magazines,” (CNN)

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Video: CBSN

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