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What Happened In Omarosa’s Departure From The White House?

Omarosa Manigault-Newman will no longer be employed by The White House.

Manigault-Newman has served as director of communications for the White House Office of Public Liaison since Trump’s election. She also starred in Trump’s show “The Apprentice.”

The White House released a statement saying that Manigault-Newman, “resigned to pursue other opportunities.”

However, Journalist April Ryan revealed that Manigault-Newman’s departure from The White House might have been more explosive than a simple resignation.

The Hill reports that Manigault-Newman tripped White House alarms in an attempt to talk to President Trump after White House Chief of Staff John Kelly told her that her position would end in January.

“Press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders painted a different picture in a statement on Wednesday morning, which noted that Omarosa will remain on staff until Jan. 20, the anniversary of Trump’s inauguration. “We wish her the best in future endeavors and are grateful for her service,” Sanders said. She declined to speak on the record about the specific circumstances of Omarosa’s departure.” (The Daily Beast)

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