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Thousands of Anti-Gun Violence Protesters Shut Down Chicago Freeway

Chicago–Gun violence continues to plague inner-city neighborhoods in Chicago and claim countless lives. Today, thousands of anti-violence protesters marched on a Chicago interstate, hoping to pressure elected officials into doing more to address the violence.

Michael Pfleger organized the protest and Rev. Al Sharpton was also in attendance.

After over an hour standoff over protesters attempt to enter the northbound lane of Interste 94, the police formed a barricade with their vehicles which allowed traffic to pass and allowed protestors two lanes to march.

“But Pfleger and protesters insisted there was no agreement and that they would shut down the entire northbound roadway, with Pfleger noting the city closes major roads for parades and other occasions. The crowd began creeping into other lanes — a situation Pfleger said had the potential to become dangerous.

Illinois State Police, which has jurisdiction over expressways, announced around 11:30 a.m. that they were shutting down all northbound lanes of the expressway. Protesters then began walking northbound along a roughly 1.5-mile route.” (CBS News)

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