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Trinidad Memorial Lighthouse Moved Near SeaScape Restaurant

The Memorial Lighthouse in Trinidad has officially been moved from its original spot and is now being temporarily stored down by the pier near the Seascape Restaurant. The Trinidad Rancheria who owns the land, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Civic Club and the Yurok Tribe to temporarily store the lighthouse, in wake of a 12 day occupation to halt …

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Trinidad Memorial Lighthouse To Be Moved & Temporarily Housed Following MOU Signing

Protectors who have been camped out at Trinidad’s Memorial Lighthouse for the past 12 days, packed up their belongings this evening following the signing of a memorandum of understanding by the Civic Club, the Trinidad Rancheria and the Yurok Tribe. People have been sitting on top of the lighthouse and have halted construction to move the lighthouse 22-feet. Read More: Protestors …

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Mayor And City Manager of Trinidad Halt Civic Club’s Project Amid Lighthouse Occupation

“The slide shows, they are nice, but we should probably talk about real issues that brought us here.” Since early this morning different meetings took place between Trinidad’s City Council, their City Manager and local Tribal Councils. At 2:00 p.m there was an open session at Trinidad’s Town Hall. Various members of the Yurok Tribe and the Trinidad Rancheria’s Tribal Council …

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Civic Club Decisions Spark Tribal Feud

“We have been pointing out that the ground there has been moving for many years and they have been trying to hide that and ignoring our concerns. Now they need this emergency move because it is failing around the lighthouse? We’ve been telling them that all along.”- Axel Lindgren III. For the past three days descendants of the Tsurai Yurok …

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Protestors Occupy Trinidad Memorial Lighthouse Mid Construction

Day 1 About 25 protestors stood in front of the lighthouse along the street with signs. Although they did not organize the protest themselves, the Lindgren family were among the protestors. The Lindgren’s are descendants of the Tsurai village and have been a major force in preserving the Tsurai ancestral lands–battles with the city spanning over a decade as well …

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Historic Preservation: The Struggle of A Yurok Tribe

“The Civic Club built their replica lighthouse inside our village. Our cemetery is still located nearby. Please take a moment to think about this fact. The Civic Club built a memorial on top of a Yurok cemetery. They sold spaces on the retaining wall they built, so people could put their names up when they are buried at sea. They …

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