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The Black Press: Soldiers Without Swords

“In this award-winning PBS documentary, archival footage and photographs are skillfully juxtaposed with interviews with editors, photographers and reporters from African-American newspapers, who toiled on the front lines to give voice to a culture disenfranchised by white media. Stanley Nelson’s film sheds light on the courageous progenitors of the black press in America and examines the historic contributions and long-lasting legacy …

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1991 Documentary: The History of Oregon’s Black Exclusion Laws

“They did not want slavery here. They didn’t want land taken over by large plantations so they didn’t have to compete with bonded labor. But they also thought blacks were inferior. That is still here. White supremacy is about that: the beliefs that whites were supreme.” Yesterday I came across an article in The Washington Post about the history of …

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Black Greek Weekend Questions Cultural Appropriation At Tennessee University

“Whenever an issue is brought up, white students plead ignorance. And black students, it seems, are asked to move past it.” CHATTANOOGA, Tenn.–The Washington Post recently published a very interesting article about Greek organizations and step-shows at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. “Stepping” is integral to Black Greek fraternities and sororities. What I found interesting was that at UTC, …

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Protestors Occupy Trinidad Memorial Lighthouse Mid Construction

Day 1 About 25 protestors stood in front of the lighthouse along the street with signs. Although they did not organize the protest themselves, the Lindgren family were among the protestors. The Lindgren’s are descendants of the Tsurai village and have been a major force in preserving the Tsurai ancestral lands–battles with the city spanning over a decade as well …

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Historic Preservation: The Struggle of A Yurok Tribe

“The Civic Club built their replica lighthouse inside our village. Our cemetery is still located nearby. Please take a moment to think about this fact. The Civic Club built a memorial on top of a Yurok cemetery. They sold spaces on the retaining wall they built, so people could put their names up when they are buried at sea. They …

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