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Meet Tasneem Nathari: The Creator of Hoodrat Feminist TV

“I want to be known as someone who is creative, smart and about her business.” -Tasneem Nathari via @Hoodratfeminist Instagram. Thanks to the rise of social media Black women and other marginalized groups are finding more creative ways to introduce their narrative to the world. This includes East Orange New Jersey’s very own, Tasneem Nathari. She is a writer, creative, …

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HSU Alumna’s Ceramics Displayed At The Carnegie Braddock Library in Pittsburgh

Artist Statement The remains of this piece demonstrate the tension I feel amidst my attempts to stand strong and stay focused as a woman while navigating the peculiar ways of the opposite sex–although the shattered remains of men in my life still surround and affect me. Forgiveness, loyalty, and accountability build a strong foundation but what happens when the foundation …

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Adesina: (in)Visible Documents

“For Adesina, clay sculpture is a metaphor for life. Inner struggles become concept sculptures which become symbols– coded messages that personify strength. Clay is unpredictable and unapologetic. It doesn’t forget its folds, it explodes, cracks, and morphs under fire. It survives this process and emerges resilient. Its imperfect nicks and scars are markers of a unique journey from mold to set. …

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Graffiti Art Meets Humboldt State: A Student’s Aim To Incorporate Graffiti Art Into Fine Art

(Originally published 2014 in Humboldt State University’s newspaper, The Lumberjack). Humberto Montano grew up in a rough neighborhood where people put their energy into either graffiti or gangs. Montano was more interested in art than violence and that led him away from the gang-life and towards the spray can. Now, he’s a junior at Humboldt State University in the Honors …

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