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Homeland Security Ends Protected Immigration Status of 2,500 Nicaraguans

Today the Department of Homeland Security ended the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Nicaraguans.

57,000 Hondurans who currently receive similar protective statuses, have not yet been issued information on whether their protections will be renewed. The Department of Homeland Security has been given more time to determine their status.

TPS protections have been issued for both groups since 1998, following Hurricane Mitch which hit Central America.

These decisions illustrate the Trump administration’s view that past administrations have ignored immigration policies for too long as well as their aims to end automatic renewal policies for immigrants.

The Washington Post Reports:

“The Trump administration has given 2,500 Nicaraguans with provisional residency 14 months to leave the United States, announcing Monday that it will not renew the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) designation that has allowed them to remain in the country for nearly two decades.”

Monday’s announcement was anxiously awaited by some 200,000 Salvadorans and 50,000 Haitians whose TPS status is due to expire early next year. But administration officials did not include those countries in their announcement.

Nicaraguans will have until Jan. 5, 2019, to leave the United States or change their residency status.

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