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Community Submission: An Ode To The Ignorant White Folks

  “Maybe I have the chance to speak the words those darker than me can’t. I’ll use the privilege of my Whiteness to stand up and start a chant. See maybe one of these days I’ll be the change I want to see. Slowly began to realize, I’ve got it all inside of me. Don’t call me nigga. Don’t call …

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Opinion: Community Submission

“Please review and approve my piece to be included in your opinion section. Thank you. Arcata Police Do Not Want to Solve Josiah Lawsons’ Murder !!! After closely following this case for the last ten months, I have come to the conclusion that the Arcata Police Dept. does not want to solve the murder of HSU student David Josiah Lawson. …

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Artist Submission: Rina Towne

Check out Rina Towne, who is an emerging artist from southern California. “My name and stage name is the same: Rina Towne. I’m an upcoming rapper/singer out of Wilmington, CA. I began making music as a hobby just to express myself and work through the BS in life. Once I realized that it heals my depression and anxiety I decided …

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