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Nas Performs “One Love” with the National Symphony Orchestra

“Critically acclaimed hip-hop artist Nas performs “One Love” alongside the National Symphony Orchestra. Two decades after its release, Nas teamed up with the National Symphony Orchestra in Washington D.C. to stage a symphonic rendition of “Illmatic,” one of the most revered albums in hip-hop history.” PBS

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Artist Submission: Rina Towne

Check out Rina Towne, who is an emerging artist from southern California. “My name and stage name is the same: Rina Towne. I’m an upcoming rapper/singer out of Wilmington, CA. I began making music as a hobby just to express myself and work through the BS in life. Once I realized that it heals my depression and anxiety I decided …

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Powerful Interview: Tupac Promoting His Album 2Pacalypse Now (1992)

  One of my favorite Tupac interviews is this one, where he is promoting his first studio album 2Pacalypse Now. If you think about it, out of all Tupac’s discography 2Pacalypse Now is one of the least mentioned albums when people discuss Tupac–although the album holds some of the most powerful tracks discussing the state of Black America. Released in November 1991, 2Pacalypse …

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The Icon of a Generation

Today Kendrick Lamar received the Generation Icon award from the State of California. Senator Isadore Hall presented Kendrick the award and spoke very highly of him. He mentioned how Kendrick is a kid from Compton and has elevated far beyond the confines of the inner city into not only mainstream America, but also abroad. He has platinum, classic albums, 2 Grammys and has accomplished so much …

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Mailbox Money

“The way these labels try to deal with rappers got me fucking mad like I’m watching roots.” Nipsey Hussle- “Like Me” Mailbox Money I am particularly interested in the money derived off the mainstream rap game in America. Analyzing the way the game is set up, the money involved, where exactly this money is going and to whom, makes me very uncomfortable. …

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