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Bastards Of The Party

I was chilling with my roommates this evening and we began to have this discussion about the whole Black Lives Matter movement. I discussed my own sentiments, being that I thought the hashtags were very cliche. I was also confused as to why we as Black people only seemed to make a roar when someone other than a Black person kills one …

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The Icon of a Generation

Today Kendrick Lamar received the Generation Icon award from the State of California. Senator Isadore Hall presented Kendrick the award and spoke very highly of him. He mentioned how Kendrick is a kid from Compton and has elevated far beyond the confines of the inner city into not only mainstream America, but also abroad. He has platinum, classic albums, 2 Grammys and has accomplished so much …

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Black Economics: The Story of Arthur Gaston

“By the 1960s, Arthur G. Gaston was probably the richest black man in America. He was the leading employer of blacks in Alabama and directly and indirectly gave substantial aid and comfort to the civil rights movement. In the decade after the Montgomery bus boycott, Martin Luther King Jr. and his allies used the A. G. Gaston Motel in Birmingham, …

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Plotting My Escape | Who is Tina Sampay

No one in my family has a college degree. College was never something that my father drilled into me as a young child. There was never any talk of college. College was an escape route that I envisioned one day while sitting on the block that I grew up on–60th & Broadway–which is between Gage and Slauson in Los Angeles. Not to …

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Rest in Peace Mykel

Mykel was killed yesterday on Vermont & 88th, in broad daylight. Someone was filiming and have video of his body laid out in the street. It was deeply saddening for me for many reasons. For one, I went to high school and senior Homecoming with Mykel. In addition, I randomly ran into Mykel last year while I was in LA on spring break. …

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